The crew of URBAN ANIMALS attended the the New York City film premiere of THE DOG WEDDING on November 21, 2014 at The Auditorium on Broadway where we met with and dogs and people who were involved with and starred in the movie. Proceeds from the premiere ticket sales were donated to the Long Island Bulldog Rescue.

THE DOG WEDDING is a bark-out-loud romantic comedy about a German businesswoman (Rosalie Thomass) who falls for an American wrestler (Matthew Bloom) while planning their English Bulldogs’ wedding. Proceeds from the premiere ticket sales went to the Long Island Bulldog Rescue.

The movie is about how dogs bring people together, even those you would least expect,” said 6’8”, 360-pound Matthew Bloom, who is known worldwide for his 15-year career with WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling. “I’ve had bulldogs my whole life and we’ve made all kinds of friends at the dog park. I can’t wait to share this film with the world.”

Rosalie Thomass is the star of the German box office hit ONE HOT NUMBER and TAXI which she headlines with Peter Dinklage GAME OF THRONES. “Dogs getting married was new to me,” she confessed. “I was thrilled to explore how my character – an overworked executive at odds with her father over the direction of the family pickle empire – would change when drawn into this wild American world of dog weddings, musclemen and cosplay.” THE DOG WEDDING marks Ms. Thomass’ U.S. film debut. Bernhard Schütz, the prolific German actor who plays her overbearing CEO/father, appeared alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman in A MOST WANTED MAN last year.

“Pairing a pro wrestler with dramatic German actors unleashed a comedic clash of cultures,” said James Lefkowitz, the film’s Director. “We enjoy toeing the line where fiction meets reality by casting actors whose own backgrounds parallel their characters.”